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Airports & In-Flight

No tablets or other devices are required by the venues to place Hotels In-Room, Restaurants Tabletops or Onboard Cruise Cabins and Trains as eMenuTouch system renders all guest services on millions of Guests and Employees own standard devices remotely ordering from home, on the go in train, taxi, in-flight or in real time from any Internet enabled device.

eMenuTouch is World First, Exceptional and Revolutionary Native multi-platforms, multi lingual renders each & every Hospitality Venues Guest Services into remote and in real-time just a touch away on any standard device from smartwatch to smart-TVs and millions of smartphones screen allows the guest unbelievable experience. Further the guest shapes their own wish with this simple flexible and admissible technology into the guest experience and ordering any service accordingly in their own mood and comfort remotely and in real time with just a touch of finger.

The World First, Exceptional, All-in- One, Native Multi-Platform, Multi Language, BYOD, SaaS, Stand-Alone

Development of multi-platform takes 4-6 years but its world’s top and most reliable software system
Software as a Service where Venue require only website that can be integrated to function App, License is based on monthly fee
Venue's Staff and Guest standard Devices functions and provides all Guest Services after Apps download where Personal may assist Guests with their own device
Weddings & Events, Meetings & Conventions, Stadiums & Arenas services are based Pay as You Go per head.
Software that is not a part of some bundled software
One stop solution to render all interface applications and guest services on any standard device
Device independent
Works anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device
This is a standard list of the guest services:
  • Steward Service
  • Categories
  • Menu items
  • My Orders
  • Multiple Language
  • Explore
  • Menus Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hours and Wine List
  • Map Location
  • Reviews
  • QR-coded
  • NFC active
  • Help
  • Sign Up/ In
  • Book Seat
  • Choose Visit Type
  • Choose Date & Time
  • Choose your Table on Ground, First Floor, Terrace, Poolside or the whole Resort
  • Pre-Order Menu Items
  • Re-ordering
  • Choose Item
  • Add More or Delete
  • Allergy Food Option
  • Ingredients
  • Weight & Calories
  • Favorite Items
  • Change Seat
  • Clear Order
  • Check Out
  • New Guest / Returning Guest
  • Sign In E-Mail & Password
  • Contact Information
  • Additional Notes
  • Payment Method
  • Order Confirmation
  • Split Bills / Receipt
  • Device Pairing and Kitchens View.

Licensee Venue is facilitated to make unlimited Categories and Menu Items.

Multi-platform support Device independence Silent updates Data backup Technical support Product documentation High-level security Component extensibility Personalized unique visuals Rapid deployment Multiple locations
Licensing options

Single venue

Multiple venues on one location

Multiple venues on different worldwide locations