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Hotels & Resorts

No tablets or other devices are required by the venues to place Hotels In-Room, Restaurants Tabletops or Onboard Cruise Cabins and Trains as eMenuTouch system renders all guest services on millions of Guests and Employees own standard devices remotely ordering from home, on the go in train, taxi, in-flight or in real time from any Internet enabled device.

eMenuTouch is World First, Exceptional and Revolutionary Native multi-platforms, multi lingual renders each & every Hospitality Venues Guest Services into remote and in real-time just a touch away on any standard device from smartwatch to smart-TVs and millions of smartphones screen allows the guest unbelievable experience. Further the guest shapes their own wish with this simple flexible and admissible technology into the guest experience and ordering any service accordingly in their own mood and comfort remotely and in real time with just a touch of finger.

The World First, Exceptional, All-in- One, Native Multi-Platform, Multi Language, BYOD, SaaS, Stand-Alone

Development of multi-platform takes 4-6 years but its world’s top and most reliable software system
Software as a Service where Venue require only website that can be integrated to function App, License is based on monthly fee
Venue's Staff and Guest standard Devices functions and provides all Guest Services after Apps download where Personal may assist Guests with their own device
Weddings & Events, Meetings & Conventions, Stadiums & Arenas services are based Pay as You Go per head.
Software that is not a part of some bundled software
One stop solution to render all interface applications and guest services on any standard device
Device independent
Works anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device

HOTELS and RESORTS Guest Experience

Queensway Group AB Subsidiary eMenuTouch provides an opportunity to spend the vacation and the past time along with all members of the family and memories for many years to come. It facilitates from children to grandparents to spend time together and take part almost in all activities and not just food, drinks, travels journey and boarding but also provides lot of other activities for everyone. Vacations to other countries and destinations whether by air, train or on a cruise line are unique experience which is different from other vacations and eMenuTouch covers all guest services in a very simple but in an effective way.

eMenuTouch* Provides a complete set of information to plan your flight or cruise by exploring destination in vivid color images and HD videos. Plan your voyage along with family or group while relaxing at home or office at your ease and convenience, browse the web and watch videos of cruise liners, offers, countries and destinations.

eMenuTouch interactive Meals, Reservation and Concierge service remote ordering. Check-in during flight, on board a train or taxi and order food and beverage before arrival at lobby or in-room as eMenuTouch is always at your services with unlimited guest service

eMenuTouch simplifies the self-ordering and any desired service with just a touch over the image on any standard device such as PCs, Laptops, all Apple and Android Devices, Smart TVs and billions of Smartphones screen which simultaneously send orders in Real Time with Wi-Fi / Cloud system when patron is reserving a Room, Cabin, Seat or table, booking a ticket or ordering Food & Beverage or other guest service to any Hospitality Venues such as Hotel, Restaurant, Cruise Lines, Nightclub, Train, Stadium, Concert, Pubs & Bars, Meeting & Wedding Venues or just ordering meals from home or restaurant table side. The order is sent in real time to the desired venue direct to kitchen / bar printer or through steward device.

View menus ingredients, calorie intake, special diet and allergy free food, kosher, halal and vegetarian meals. Click for the steward on demand, listen music, watch videos and play games on device. The Guest can make reservation by choosing an available Table, book ticket and acquire other service from any Enterprises which is licensed by Queensway Group AB. Orders can be placed to any device enabled with Wi-Fi or Cloud service around the Globe in real time or months ahead of any event and activity. eMenuTouch system can be logged-in and downloaded with QR Code or Device Pairing and provides the capability to Switch from a table to another table number, split a bill as well as Seating Location system for 10 or 10, 000+ seats.

  • Select Destination:
  • Country & City.
  • Hotel Choice:
  • Scan QR code or browse Hotels websites to choose the Hotel and watch surroundings on area maps, videos and images.
  • Go thru all the available rooms, special discounts, categories and price range.
  • Read services offered and other events and activities.
  • Make reservation from your home or office at your comfort & ease, Airport pickup and receive confirmation / feedback on your device remotely and in real time.
  • eMenuTouch guest services enable patrons to customize their stay on site or long before their arrival.
Lobby & Reception:

eMenuTouch guest’s self check-in is available both on Lobby Smart-TV / Stand-alone screen but Guest may prefer to be greeted by the Hotel Personals / Front Desk.

Hotel Introduction, Location & Services in Images, Videos & Maps and daily Activities Schedules provided at Lobby and In-Room Smart-TVs.

Hotel Resorts: Restaurants outdoors or indoors, Bars, cafés, Wedding, Conference, Meetings, Concerts, Parties and Special activities.

Reservation, bookings, and other Guests services to order in real time with just a click over all standard devices screen.

  • Guests welcome to the room with a personalized greeting and mood-setting music
  • General Hotels information and Facilities list with images and videos.
  • Rooms detailed information and fire exits with map & images and videos.
  • Hotels type, room with images, videos, rates and current room availability.
  • Interactive hotel map & area map and Security precautions in and around location
  • Videos / Camera views Lobby, Restaurant & swimming pool etc.
  • Promotions of the local area entertainments /stores / boutiques (against charges from advertisers)
  • Checking bills & processing
  • Managing Room and express check-out
eMenuTouch Interactive Self Ordering in Real Time System:
  • In-room dining to order from inside / outside Restaurants, Bars and cafés patron’s self-ordering system.
  • Restaurant’s a special available Table reservation and choice of meals, ingredients, allergy free food and calories selection.
  • Nightclub, theatre or special evens booking ticket in real time or before arrival results no more standing in line.
Hotel In-room remote service requests:
  • Clean room or do not disturb signs.
  • Chambermaid.
  • Alarm & Wakeup call
  • Extra pillow, blanket, towel, robe or plug adapter
  • Minibar refill
  • Laundry service
  • Tours, interpreter, escort, guide, theatre, leisure, spa & taxi etc.,
  • Porter request
  • Child care
  • Air Lines Reservation, Airport Arrival & Departure Link
  • Spa activities, tennis and golf Bookings
In Room Shopping:

Allow guests to buy products from their room and offer advertisements to local stores to promote their products to your guests for extra profit.

Local Nightlife Information:

Improve guest experience by offering a guide to going out in the local area. Gain additional revenue by offering external restaurants, bars and nightlife advertising space on the application.

Tours & Activities:

Tours and other Activities Information.

Image Gallery:

Use the image gallery function to show a range of full screen images for promotion of any item listed on the guest valet.

Digital Press:

Enable guests to read their preferred newspaper or magazine online.


Help your guests navigate the local area or ski field with full screen high quality maps.

TV & Movies:

Integration by plugging a standard TV with HDMI dongle would turn it into Smart-TV where you can control the Interactive TV, choose a film, and watch Video and online Internet functions.

Instant Messaging:

Instant messaging of guest requests to staff via PC / Tab or mobile devices. Ensure service levels are even more efficient than previously. Send relevant questionnaires prior to check out. Ensure higher percentage of instant feedback's given.

Additional Guest Services on demand can be added within minutes and w/o any charges