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Queensway AB was registered in 1970’s and as a small family owned company started to import, wholesale and retail consumer goods such as Ladies Garments, Imitation Jewelry, Cosmetics and other related consumer articles.

In 80’s the company was well established and opened its first office at Tsim Sha Tsui central district of Kowloon, Hong Kong and became one of the largest importer and wholesaler in Sweden to supply consumer articles to leading retailer groups in Sweden. The following years Queensway established separate entity at Seoul, S. Korea.

The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China in 1997 reasoned Queensway separate entity Pavonia HKG Ltd., to Shanghai and later registered a Chinese Entity ChinaDirekt at Yiwu, Zhenjiang Province which today is the World Largest city for consumer goods.

In 90’s the engaged in the developing, designing, packaging and marketing of Nano Patented under license from the world famous patent owners innovated in the East and West. After decade long research on nanotechnology has grown up from laboratory scale to industrial scale and now commercializing plethora of hi-tech innovative & high performance nano technology enabled products in global markets. Our projects in the United States of America are the example of our commitment to provide the technology to all who wish to benefit our services.

In recognition to commendable to all our associated manufacturers from Seoul, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Jakarta and specially our recognized project of nano particles solution and heat shield products around the world and driving the industrial nanotechnology scenario across various industries in construction, automotive, biotech, renewable energy, filters etc., cannot be ignored and appreciation has unlimited admiration for all individuals and corporations.

Queensway Group and its separate entities are committed towards successful commercialization of our innovated products and technologies so that it touches common man's life in a beneficial manner. Innovation & promotion of responsible IT technology for solving problems of human civilization is one of the primary aims of the venture.

NanotomIQ Marketing strategy has been supply all its nano products directly from the production and packaging units without involving any third parties and direct alliances with the national and multinational companies by saving all extra cost for the clients and consumers benefits. Our latest IT Software developed in-house multi-platform is aimed for all hospitalities guest services and affordable to from a small juice bar to leading Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants and Cruise liner to Railways Trains and Stadiums.

  • : Queensway Group AB
  • : 556195-9692
  • : 1978-01-01
  • Legal form: Limited company
Ather Khan, CEO
Nikolay Ivanov, CIO
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