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Transform all hospitality venues into smart venues

In-house native hospitality multi-platform and multi lingual Software development and promotion of this responsible technology for solving problems of human civilization is one of the primary aims of the venture. eMenuTouch Transform all hospitality venues into Smart Venues. It’s affordable from a small juice bar to 5 star hotels restaurant and provides complete services to fit different hospitality venues requirements.

Software system implements not only FDA legislation and EF FIC rules regulations but beyond one tap filters Allergens ingredient from all menus in seconds. Guest taps on menu items image to read ingredients, nutrition facts and pricing, tap "eye" on device screen for lifestyle preferences and allergens ingredient list to filter with one tap.

Majority of hospitality venues do not have even standard websites. Restaurants, fast food and caterings are dependent on online ordering and delivery system which cannot fully guarantee the contents of their meal. Our first priority is to expand our mission and team up with venues interested to offer healthy and Allergens free meals. In Sweden 8-10 percent children are allergic to food related ingredients which can be fatal and USA alone there are more than 500,000 fast food places and Kids between the ages of 6 and 14 eat fast food 157,000,000 times every month.

eMenuTouch guest service experiences are a system of activating, deactivating, integration of modules, components to interface application that function as one but deploy multiple services providing beyond expectations unbelievable experience and interlacing to the sky high level. The system functions on single venue, multiple venues on 1 location and multiple venues on domestic or worldwide locations. Fast Food or Drive-in can be modified and extended into Fast Casual and Catering or Smart Food Truck and Vice Versa.

Order and Pre-order in remote and real time. Stadium In-seat ordering and delivery from multiple venues each listed with websites, categories, subcategories and menu items whether Concessions, Fast Food or Fine dine Restaurants under one order, receipt and seat number, a system of ticks n taps renders guest services on over billions smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled device screens.

Menu items displaying images, ingredients, nutrition facts and lifestyle preferences and Allergens list. The Back Office Manager uploads unlimited Food and Drinks multiple categories, sub-categories, images, ingredients, nutrition facts, lifestyle preferences and allergens filter, wine, ale, alcohol descriptions, size, vintage, tone, appellation, varietal, alcohol contents, sugar, barrel, acidity and food pairing. Enter Stadium or Arena with digital barcode or NFC active. Track your seat with GPS / Beacon and our Turn by Turn Seat navigation system.

Hotels guest experiences are a set of ticks and tap from checking in to express checkout titles and subtitled into My Room, Control, Services, Concierge, Lobby, Restaurant, Hospitality and In-Room services. Order and pre-order food and drinks from multiple restaurants and book table with date and time.

Food Trucks Pre-order with date and time to pick-up, Book Catering for Take Away, home delivery or drop off catering and Event’s Catering days or years ahead of an event on schedule to Start and End time. Real time Food Trucks location monitoring and tracking on the map displays data streams sent every second thru navigation micro-services even changing locations.

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