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Trust & Security
Your security and the security of your guests is our top priority.
We constantly seek new and better ways to protect your and your guests data, developing internal tools and services to help you reduce costs, manage risks and open up new opportunities to grow your business.
Security Policies
We provide complete transparency regarding the security and the measures we use and have in place to protect your companies’ sensitive information and intellectual property.
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Privacy Policy
Privacy policy outlines our commitment to protect our customer data
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We follow all procedures, directives and keep up to date with the latest government and industry requirements
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Our systems and applications are designed to deliver superior uptime and service. We publish our service availability status in real-time to ensure you can access your data and applications.
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Data Backup
We have implemented both multi-tier data backup and recovery, replication and disaster recovery subsystems.
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Data Destruction
Data is destroyed through controlled processes and procedures with each item individually tracked through our asset management subsystem.
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Employee Guidelines
Click the button below to learn about employee’s responsibilities toward all types of assets, managements’ role, training, confidentiality of client data and acceptable use of resources.
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Vulnerability Reporting
If you would like to report a vulnerability or have a security concern regarding Queensway's services such as eMenuTouch, client applications, etc., please click the button below.
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